Reports from Berlin, Germany, and eastern Europe, with support from the Fulbright Commission.

June 4, 2007
Marketplace Morning Report
Here's something for the G8 to chew on this week: As world leaders struggle to agree on a compromise for tackling climate change, the business world is starting to see the problem as a trillion-dollar opportunity. Ethan Lindsey reports.
May 29, 2007
Marketplace Morning Report
German workers have a long and successful tradition of organizing to assert their political will, but lately things haven't been running quite as smoothly for that country's powerful labor unions. Ethan Lindsey reports.
March 4, 2007
NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday
he persecution of Jewish composers was just one of the ways the Third Reich used culture and the arts to further Hitler's repression. Albrecht Duemling directs the Berlin-based musica reanimata, a group dedicated to uncovering recordings by artists persecuted by the Nazis.
February 16, 2007
Marketplace Morning Report
The 10-day Berlin Film Festival ends tomorrow. It's been known as a forum for artistic freedom and political commentary. But now, the organizers of the festival are being criticized for letting the festival get too commercial. Reporter Ethan Lindsey has the story.
February 6, 2007
Who cares what the outside of your PC looks like as long as it's got a fast chip inside, right? Well, no. Ethan Lindsey found some people for whom looks — with a fine veneer — matter.
January 31, 2007
Marketplace Morning Report
Germany has set a date that will effectively end all coal mining in that country by 2018, but some wonder if cleaner coal can still make a comeback there. Ethan Lindsey reports.
January 15, 2007
Environmentalists want speed limits set on Germany's autobahn as a means of reducing carbon emissions. Ethan Lindsey reports that the proposal is prompting something of a national identity crisis.
January 18, 2007
PRI's The World
Correspondent Ethan Lindsey reports on the controversy in Germany over the opening of a Church of Scientology Center in the capital, Berlin. The country has long refused to recognize Scientology as a religion.
January 5, 2007
Marketplace Morning Report
Germans were hoping their Chancellor would ask some tough questions when she met with President Bush yesterday, but the leaders stuck to topics they could work together on. Ethan Lindsey reports.
December 6, 2006
NPR's Day to Day
For those with a love of the harmonica, now is your chance to learn more about its history. The German Harmonica Museum is on tour right now in the United States.

But to learn more about the instrument, reporter Ethan Lindsey went straight to the source: the small town of Trossingen, Germany, where the harmonica was invented.
December 29, 2006
The open-source movement isn't limited to computers. The "code" for a good brew is making the rounds. Marketplace strong-armed reporter Ethan Lindsey into tracking down the source.
December 19, 2006
Marketplace Morning Report
Berlin's opera house was packed last night for the long-awaited "Idomeneo." It was canceled in September after threats from Islamic fundamentalists, but all the extra publicity could help bring back some much-needed funding, Ethan Lindsey reports.
December 8, 2006
Marketplace Morning Report
Government officials on both sides of the Atlantic have been revisiting the idea of opening freer trade channels between Europe and North America. Why? To compete with China of course. Ethan Lindsey reports.
October 20, 2006
Faced with a $77 billion debt, Berlin's leaders are selling off public assets and privatizing public housing. And that's attracting some unusual buyers. Ethan Lindsey reports.